Reducing cost of returns

“It is a not sale until the consumer decides to keep it”. At Keep it Sold our sole aim is to ensure your client is satisfied with their purchase and we help keep it sold and in the user's home

Connected IoT devices deliver millions of bits of data. Keep it Sold's app technology and analytics turn this into powerful information

Harnessing the power of data
Bringing support to the home

Setting up and configuring connected devices can be complicated. We remove the need for users to locate your expensively produced support information by delivering it to them via our connected app.

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Keep it Sold is a new company, formed in 2016 to help its clients reduce unnecessary returns using a diagnostic app installed on products and connected via the Internet of Things to data storage in the Cloud. The diagnostic data captured from our app provides transactional data to our customers’ returns process and allows analysis of usage and faults for input into future product design and service supply chain planning.

We can provide a diagnostics app for white and high value brown goods and our technology has the potential to assist the after-sales process for any connected device; the software is installed during the manufacturing process. We can still provide many benefits and improve returns management when it is not practical to install our app onto products.

For products requiring return for repair or replacement we provide full control of the returns logistics together with comprehensive management metrics.

IoT Inspiration


Our experience has shown most returned brown and white goods have no fault. But by the time they have been processed back to the repair workshop huge costs are incurred both in providing replacements and damage through the reverse supply chain. Using existing hardware within connected consumer goods such as smart TVs, fridges, freezers and other items we can provide a remote diagnostics app that sits within the device from manufacture. Then when the customer perceives a problem we can remotely interrogate the product and determine whether or not it needs to be returned. Reassurance and help can be given to the user avoiding a frustrating journey to the store or drop off point. When goods must be returned we provide full control to the seller throughout the logistics chain.

On Device Apps

serve hardware information to remote technicians for diagnosis


Only your customers can permit access to their devices and you control access to your customers

Management Information

Reliability data, NFF data, transit damage, repair yields, sit times…you name it we can track it

Comparison Performance

For subscribers we offer anonymised reports showing how your returns management compares with best in class


Of your stock, your partners and your customer satisfaction


Control all costs of your returns management but best of all AVOID costs by keeping products sold and customers happy

We save retailers money by keeping products sold.

Call us to find out how we can help you delight your customers. We’ll explain how we keep more of your products sold and if they must be returned how we give you back control of the process.

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